Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Star Trek

Ok, so that picture is a classic stereotype of uncool and nerdiness, totally different than what the new movie conveys. Three middle age men sucking their beer bellies in as they get their picture took in their Trek uniforms is to the new movie what Adam West is to The Dark Knight.
But it is the only Trek pic I have on my phone at the moment.
The new Star Trek is a very successful and much needed reboot of the franchise.
J.J. Abrahms was able to write the reboot into the story itself. Most other franchise reboots start out where you pretend the other movies never existed. Not here.
I am not going to give anything away just say this is truely a Trek for everyone.
Old school trekkies will love the "red shirt death, Kirk/green woman, damn it Jim" and other classic moments from the original while new viewers will be caught up in the action and sexiness of it.
Star Trek is now offically cool, a black man is president, and the Republican Party is imploding like a planet being swallowed up by a singularity at its core. The future is here.
Oh yeah. And I was a trekkie before being a trekkie was cool.

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  1. yeah, the first of us were called Trekkies. Then came the Trekkors with Next Gen. I submit that those of us die hards who have watched everything Trek from beginning to end are, in truth, TREK ONs.