Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beck Gets Teabagged

There is a man called Beck,
Whose sanity is quite suspect.
He said with a sneer
As he wiped away a tear,
All that teabagging & still no respect!
Fox "News" and their mentally deranged commentators went full speed in promoting the ludicrous and embarrassing "Teabagging" parties. "Teabaggers" dressed up in 1700s era costumes and pretended to secede from the King of England or some stupid shit would throw tea bags in the creeks or lakes where ever their fucktard event happened. One brilliant teabagger threw a box of tea on the White House lawn obviously irritating the Secret Service who sent a robot out to inspect it. That particular event came to an end about that time.
The fact that the taxes they were protesting were the tax structure put in place by President Bush and his fellow Repugs escaped them for a while during the organizing.
Pointing out that fact and only the millionaires and billionaires would see a modest tax increase, and the working class would actually get a tax break, the emphasis was changed to excessive government spending. ::yawn::
All in all, the April 15th protests were a bust despite what Weeping Beck and the Fox & Friends Morning Show tell you.
Perhaps naming an event after a porn movie term didn't really help any. (teabagging is the act of inserting ones testicles in and out of anothers mouth, much like dipping a tea bag in and out of a hot cup of water)
Maybe Glen Becks next event will be a protest on Cinco de Mayo. He could call it a "Dirty Sanchez" party. If you are not familiar with that term, utilize Wikipedia.

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  1. So that's what teabagging means! Ya learn something new everyday!What was that other one? Oh yeah Dirty Sanchez. I'm going to wikipedia.