Monday, April 20, 2009

Unpatriotic Right Wing Assholes

Anyone who can stomach the stench emanating from the A.M. radio and Fox "News" has had to have heard the blithering shit from Vulgar unamerican traitors like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann "The Man" Coulter, and many others.
These disgusting excuses for human beings routinely stir up the fear in their fan base with their non stop excrement of lies and distortions.
The other day the despicable Rush Limbaugh defended the torturing of prisoners. His reasoning being that Senator John McCain was broken by the torture from his North Vietmanese captors so it does work.
Anyone with any knowledge of McCains history knows that he made up shit in hopes that it would end the torture. Hmm, seems that is EXACTLY what happened when the C.I.A. got information by torture. Info from a terrified pain racked prisoner is not reliable.
Of course we don't expect McCain to publically refute Pigboys blithering nonsense, after all The Straight Talk Express was derailed when McCain sold his soul during the political campaign. Besides having to apologize afterwards to the de facto leader of the GOP would leave a bad taste in his mouth.
Vile transvestite Ann Coulter routinely shows up on Fox "News" to spout unamerican hatred against democrats, scientists, artists, and liberals.
Sitting uncomfortably with his bony legs crossed tightly to keep his nuts from falling out of the same old black micro mini cocktail dress he wears wherever he goes, Ann spews nonsense so ridiculous that only the dimmest of the dim could possibly believe it.
The skank usually has a book he is hawking. With titles like "Rape the Democrats Children", and "Blow Up the New York Times" he manages to make the fucktards feel like they are smart by having books on their fireplace mantel between the jar with Gramps false teeth and his spittoon. His upcoming book, a follow up to "Kill all Liberals", is expected to be a New York Times Best Seller, assuming his fans don't blow up the New York Times that is.
When not weeping uncontrollably, Glen Beck is usually pushing his 912 project. An idea so stupid it is hard to fathom, Beck claims he wants to return America to the national feelings we had the day after 9-11.
I guess in his mind xenophobia, fear, stock market crashes, and rampant fucktard chaos are good things. Or perhaps he justs wants President Obama to disappear for a while like Bush did on 9-11, leaving Rudy Gulliani running the country. Of course his fan base sop that shit up like a hobo on a plate of biscuits and gravy.
On the lower end of the intellectual evolutionary scale, Sean Hannity, blathers bile 100 percent unchallenged now that the Fox "News" token liberal and punching bag, Alan Colmes, finally regained some self respect and quit their joint television show. If by joint, you mean Colmes sitting there mutely looking goofy and saying "Oh Sean", every now and then while Hannity vomits faux patriotic holier than thou Republican talking points.
All these shitbags want America to suffer so they can profit from their sheep, who are trembling in fear of niggers and queers.
Actually Obamas victory in the presidential election was the best thing to happen to them.
Now they no longer have to play apologist for a weak and stupid administration like they had to do for eight years, and can focus fully on what they do best: lie, distort, and fear monger. With a black man as president and gay marriages becoming more accepted, they can now scream, weep, and slander in full force. With the millions of stupid quivering in fear Americans, their continued success is guaranteed.
If this is not evidence of the non existance of a god or karma, what is?
Spreading fear and hatred in the name of God and Country and exploiting the stupidity of people for personal gain, this is the very definition of a traitor.
To bad their really isn't a hell.

-=note=- This post was composed and uploaded using a cell phone. No grammar and spelling check software was available and I am sure it is obvious.
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