Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Was Elected & Swine Flew

There is a racist joke going around via text message.
They said a n*****r would be elected president when pigs flew. Well, 100 days since Obama has been elected and Swine Flu.
Yeah. Hardy fucking har.
But on a note about swine flu, the mayors in Huntsville and Madison Al., went full force fucktard on the report of two "suspected" cases of the influenza virus at an elementary school in Madison Al.
They held a press conference the same fucking time as President Obama held his so nobody saw it.
They closed the school for seven days and all the other schools in the Huntsville and Madison Country system for two days. In their zeal of germ-a-phobia they decided to close all the city parks down too.
Nobody panics like they do in the Huntsville area. A threat of a snow dusting and they hole up like they are going to be snowed in for weeks. Y2K was a hoot too.
Perhaps we should change the name of the greater Huntsville area to Monkville after Adrian Monk.
It would be fitting.

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  1. When there is a hint of snow in Nashville, everybody goes to Krogers and buys gallons and gallons of milk! Strangest thing I ever saw.
    As for the Swine flu scare~nobody here seems too worried except the very rich private schools.