Friday, April 24, 2009

Hypothetical Question For Pro-Lifers

Probably the most polarizing topic in America is abortion. Pro-Lifers normally have a non yielding veiw that abortion is wrong and that a fertilized egg is a human being and anything short of giving it the chance to develop is murder.
Using this reasoning most Pro-Lifers are opposed to stem cell research because extracting the stem cells destroys the embryo and in their minds constitutes murder.
Here is my hypothetical: A raging fire breaks out at a medical research facility. You heroically
rush into the burning building to see if anyone is still trapped inside.
Inside the building you come up on a long hallway with a fire exit on each end.
At one end by the exit is an infant baby crying. At the other end is a cyrogenics container about the size of a large thermos bottle. You immediately recognize it as a container that contains 20,000 frozen blastosists.
The fire is getting worse. You have time to save only either the baby or the 20,000 blastosists. Which one is it? Do you save the baby and doom the thousands of people to death, of do you save the thousands and doom the baby?
If you honestly believed that thermos actually contained all those people you would save it. But you know you wouldn't. You would save the baby because you know it is a person. You would let the frozen embryos perish and probably not think twice about it. Am I right? Be honest.

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  1. yes~those embryoes have no nerve endings. no pain. They live in a jar, artificially kept alive for whatever purpose. How many "Octomoms" do we need? There are as many reasons for ending a pregnancy as there are for not doing so. Personally, I believe in free will. And even he Judeo/Christian God allows for that. We would not be human if we didn't have it, would we? The right to choose is "God given".