Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cell Phone Blogging

Well, it appears that I got the bugs worked out of Blogger so that the posts from my cell phone will upload like they are supposed to.
Without a reliable source to a bonafide computer since my laptop died, I will be posting a majority via the mobile blogging feature.
Without spell check I am sure my articles will be riddled with goofs, non sequitors and the like, but it still should be easier to understand than listening to George Bush talk about Mid Eastern warlords.
The feature will also allow me to upload pictures from my phone, so that might can be fun. Assuming I see anything worth taking a picture of.
If I ever make it to a sci-fi convention again, it will definately be a hoot.
One draw back is, I doubt if I will be able to continue mirroring this blog on MySpace as I don't think they have a mobile blogging feature. Maybe they do, I will check.
Anyway, back to work and look for future cuss blogs inundated with grammatical errors.
Space Trucker OUT

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