Friday, April 17, 2009

Analog Thinking

Years ago when VCRs first came out and were gigantic and expensive, I remember trying to explain a common misunderstanding about the functuonality of the devices.
There was a fellow who pondered if you recorded a show off of a small B&W television, would it be worth watching on a larger color TV.
I tried futilely to explain to him that the VCR doesn't record off the TV itself, but has its own tuner. Basically it was a TV without a picture tube.
This was a fact I unfortunately discovered while trying to record the first episode of the original Battlestar Galactica. I sat and watched the show with the pause control at the end of a long wire plugged into the brand spanking new VCR. I dutifully paused at all commercials and restarted the recording when the ads were over. Later, to my horror I discovered that instead of BSG, I had recorded Hee Haw. Networks back then did not replay shows later in the week like they do now so that was a complete bust. But I digress.
The gentleman I was trying to explain this too absolutely could not grasp this concept no matter how many times I explained it. He eventually got irate and said I was an idiot and would not discuss it anymore.
I recently entered the same mindset while talking to teabaggers. No matter how much logic and facts I used, they never could grasp the concept that they were protesting a tax policy that will BENEFIT them. Inundated with lies and distortions from Fox "News", Glen "The Weeper" Beck, Fats Limbaugh, Sean Insanity, and other fucktards, they knew for a goddamn fact their fucking taxes were going up, and I was just another brainwashed nigger and faggot lover.
At first I assumed they knew better and were just fucking lying because they hated Obama so much that falsehoods, in there minds, was the lesser of two evils.
But as I argued with them, their racism, hatred, and fear became so obvious, that it was clear they thought what they were saying was true.
Just like with the irate man and the VCR, I let it drop. I am sure that fellow eventually figured out how it works and maybe even recalled our conversation.
Perhaps in time the teabaggers will do the same and figure it out. Until then I guess we should pretend we are in Junior High again and point and laugh at them.
It probably will not help matters and in fact may even cause harm, but goddamn these fucktards are funny.
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  1. As long as this herd animal mentality prevails, we will simply have to trat them with the patience we would have for young, misguided children. Course, pointing and laughing is really tempting.