Monday, April 27, 2009

Confederate Memorial Day

Why in the hell would these fucktards want to be reminded that their grandaddies got their asses handed to them by goddam yankees?
Ain't that shit embarrassing enough to live with in secret shame?
Yankees came down here. And whupped our ass. I don't like thinking of it.
Get over it Cleatus. The South ain't gonna rise again. We still ain't got over the last ass whuppin.
Look, I know as well as anyone that Sherman was a fucker and a war criminal and would probably be a member of Bushes cabinet if he was still around, but the embarrassing truth is, our grandaddies mouth wrote a check that their asses could not cash.
Why is that something to so fucking proud of?

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  1. LOL! Back in the early 80s there was a band called "Sothern Yankees" who recorded a song on this very subject. The title of the song was "Get over it".